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*****ALERT:    Florida’s Overdose Prevention Legislation 
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 Manatee County youth take lead in curbing drug addiction with strategy of compassion

 In A Florida County, Overdose Epidemic Is 'More Like A War'

The new drug that causes users to rip off their clothes and attack with super-human strength

Powdered Alcohol Raising Concerns About Underage Drinking 

Town Reports 17 People Have Accepted Treatment, Not Jail, for Giving Up Illegal Drugs

 Massachusetts launches plan to counter heroin epidemic

Supreme Court: Big Pharma must pay for prescription drug disposal in Alameda County

Washington's response to the opioid crisis

Flakka Deaths Rise to 18 in One Florida County

People Seeking Addiction Treatment Face Many Obstacles: Experts

Legislators From Both Parties Focus on Deaths From Opioid Overdoses

Emergency department treatment for opioid addiction better than referrals

New Research Uncovers Disconnect In Pain-Related Communications Between Prescribers of Pain Medications and Patients

Hawaii Passes Bill to Raise Legal Smoking Age to 21 for Buying Tobacco or E-Cigarettes

Opioids on Campus: Top Takeaways from Dr. Andrew Kolodny’s Webinar

Seattle Program to Keep Low-Level Drug Offenders Out of Jail Shows Promise

Why Psychiatrists Don’t Treat Addicts

When the Prescription Becomes the Problem

Opioid Misuse In Chronic Pain Patients Is Around 25%

The risks of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, explained

NSAIDs Often Safer, More Effective Than Opioids for Treating Pain: Expert

Spring cleaning campaign rids Manatee of dangerous medications

Spring Cleaning: Colonel Rick Wells ABC/7

'Clean Break' offers alternative for students dealing with addiction

What treatment centers don't want you to know

How America Is Making Painkiller Addiction Even Worse

The Power of Support Groups

No Coordination of Services for People with Serious Mental Illness

For college students, being a 'good Samaritan' can be complicated

A day in the life of a Vivitrol doctor

Almost One-Third of Women of Childbearing Age Fill Prescriptions for Opioid Painkillers

Manatee County seeing a spike in heroin overdoses

ER-Based Coaches Connect Overdose Survivors To Treatment

"Drugs Aren’t the Problem": Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths About Addiction

Painkiller Abuse, a Cyclical Challenge

The Trajectories of Addiction

The Courage of the Harm Reduction Therapist

Restricting Locations for Alcohol Sales May Help Reduce Domestic Violence

Helping Teens with Substance Use Problems: Why I Changed My Approach

The Great American Relapse

Bradenton police warn of heroin upswing after deadly 2014

35 suspected drug overdose deaths in Manatee in 2014

Father of recovering addict challenges everything about addiction

Prescription Painkillers Implicated in Most Overdose Admissions

NABP Issues Policy Statement Supporting the Pharmacist’s Role in Increasing Access to Opioid Overdose Reversal Drug

Many Young Children Receive Wrong Medicine or Dose at Home: Study

Meet The Scientists Who May Have Found The Cure For Drug Addiction

People Have More Negative Opinions About Drug Addiction Than Mental Illness

A Struggle for the Soul of Addiction Treatment

Treating Addiction: A Top Doc Explains Why Kind Love Beats Tough Love

Confronting the Truth on Overdose Awareness Day

Drug Relapse Denial and How it Kills

Special report: The dangers of painkillers

Teen Addiction Treatment Programs that Measure Up

 Obama drug strategy aims to change how Americans see drug abuse       

DSM-5: The End of One-Size-Fits-All Treatment?

Heroin addicts left trapped; families, heartbroken

Do You Have to Hit Bottom to Get Help for Alcoholism?

Want to Prevent Addiction? Assess Your Risk Factors

Anti-drug messages miss mark with the young

Research Says Overcorrection in Brain Leads to Addiction

Drug Relapse Denial and How it Kills

Treatments for Heroin Addiction Face Challenges

Prescription Drug Abuse Takes Enormous Toll on Seniors

Alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide: WHO

Party Patrol targeting underage drinking

Medication-Assisted Therapies — Tackling the Opioid OverdoseEpidemic

When Your Loved One Has an Addiction: What Helps and What Doesn’t?

Why Stanton Peele Got Nora Volkow All Wrong

Surge in Narcotic Prescriptions for Pregnant Women

How to Fix Rehab: Expert Who Lost Son to Addiction Has a Plan

In Defense Of 12 Steps: What Science Really Tells Us About Addiction

Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes Can be Poisonous, But Isn’t Regulated

Smokers Who Use E-Cigarettes Not More Likely to Quit, Study Suggests

“Mindfulness” Meditation Can Help Reduce Addiction Relapse Rates: Study

With Sobering Science, Doctor Debunks 12-Step Recovery

Why Aren’t Doctors Drug Tested?

Many U.S. Seniors Get Prescription Painkillers From Multiple Doctors

Attorney General Holder, Calling Rise in Heroin Overdoses ‘Urgent Public Health Crisis’

Time for action: Heroin summit tackles tough issue

Spring cleaning? Start with your medicine cabinet

Losing my son to drugs

Anesthesiologists Urged to Reduce Opioid Prescribing

With Suicide, Drug Overdose, We Need to Stop Blaming the Parents

Abstinence—The Only Way to Beat Addiction? Part 1

It's not 1960 anymore

High-Powered Alliance to Tackle Prescription-Drug Abuse

1 in 7 Pregnant Women Prescribed Opioid Painkillers

Advocates Urge FDA to Revoke Approval of Painkiller Zohydro

VA's Lack of Pain Treatment Options Led to Opiate Addiction, Vet Says

Parents of Party Hosts Could Become Liable for Alcohol Injuries

Many U.S. Seniors Get Prescription Painkillers From Multiple Doctors

Kentucky Prescription Drug Abuse Law Has Unintended Consequences: Expert

We Need Proof on Marijuana

Government Officials Urge Increased Use of Naloxone to Reverse Heroin Overdoses

What You Need to Know About Heroin Addiction

How to Stop Heroin Deaths

Yale doc says addiction should be on physicians’ minds

Agency Issues "Emergency Rules" In Drug Overdose Crisis

Pain Medication Abuse Likely Driving Heroin Resurgence

SBIRT: Stopping Addiction Before it Starts

CVS to be First U.S. Drugstore Chain to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

Deadly Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Marijuana Tripled in Last Decade

New Project Aims to Address Adolescent Substance Use Through Technology

Philip Seymour Hoffman Didn’t Have to Die

How the Drug Treatment System Failed Cory Monteith

Fatal Prescription: America’s Pain-Pill Epidemic

Police carry special drug to reverse heroin overdoses

Elizabeth Vargas: ‘I Am. I Am an Alcoholic,’ Says ABC News Anchor

SABET: Colorado will show why legalizing marijuana is a mistake

NIDA Releases New Guide on Treating Teen Substance Abuse

Is The Teen Brain More Vulnerable To Addiction?

President Comments on Marijuana Use, ASAM Expresses Concern

Why Is Heroin Abuse Rising While Other Drug Abuse Is Falling?

Exercise Addicts: Pushing Ourselves Too Far?

Interstate Prescription Monitoring Programs Data-Sharing

Let's Not Kid Ourselves About Marijuana

What you don't know about pain can be deadly

Pain doc investigated for patient deaths

Denmark opens "fix rooms" where adults can use drugs under nurse's supervision

Watchdog Group Slams Alcohol “Social Responsibility” Campaigns

Commentary: Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence

New Manatee County ordinance discourages bogus pain management clinics

Scourge of Heroin Rears its Ugly Head

Spring Hill mom gets 30 months in toddler's overdose death


Just A Minute, Mr. Morgan

- See more at:

Just A Minute, Mr. Morgan

- See more at:

Who Is Responsible for the Pain-Pill Epidemic?

Addiction and Heart Disease: Lessons From The American Heart Association

Make it Stop: Stanford researchers are getting to the root of chronic pain.

Bradenton concerns rise as heroin use multiplies

Rash of drug overdose deaths alarms Manatee emergency personnel

Benefits of licensed marijuana up in the air

Addicted moms: AZ battles surge of prescription drug overdoses

Doctors Try New Non-Narcotic Approach to Pain Management After Surgery

Transcending addiction and redefining recovery

Busting Pain Medicine Myths with Andrew Kolodny

How Meditation Can Help Defeat Addiction

Experts Call for Better Addiction Medicine Education for Physicians

FDA Recommends Tighter Regulations for Hydrocone

9 Investigates: Fla. Prescription Drug Monitoring Database

The War on Drugs Is Over. Drugs Won

Is Suboxone a Wonder Drug or Just Another Way to Stay High?

NIDA’s drug abuse information for teens goes mobile

Few Florida counties fund statewide prescription database

5 Things You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes

Problems With Long-Term Opioid Use: How We Got Here

FDA Announces Stronger Safety Warnings for Some Opioid Painkillers

Marijuana Use Particularly Harmful for Teens

CVS cuts access to opioid pain-killers for suspect doctors

Why worry about lead but not weed?

E-cigarettes used for illegal purposes

Just a Minute, Mr Morgan

Big Pharma's Role in Meth Production

ER Visits Related to Stimulants Quadrupled Among Young Adults

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Over-the-Counter Medicine Abuse

Countering the Myths About Methadone

Why America's Addiction Treatment System is Broken & What You Can Do

Doctors Increasingly Ignore Evidence In Treating Back Pain

UVa.’s Johnson Offers New Concept of Alcoholism, Therapy

A Pill Popping Society

Blossoming of new medical residency programs boosts Manatee County's health

5 Ways to Avoid Addiction Relapse

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Group Suggests Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Massachusetts City Reports 95% Success Rate With Opioid Overdose Antidote Narcan

Doctors Concerned About Pain Medication Overdose Deaths Require Drug Tests

Turning Addiction into a Side Show

Men, Addiction, and Relapse: On Cory Montieths Untimely Death

When Rehab Doesn't Work

CLAAD Lauds Signature Therapeutics' R&D Efforts To Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

“Doctor Shoppers” Bought 4.3 Million Prescriptions for Opioids in 2008

Primary Care Doc Addiction Diagnoses Soaring

Health Subcommittee Kicks Off Hearing Series Examining America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis

Addiction: The disease that lies

Replacing addiction with a healthy obsession       

Longtime Marijuana Use Linked With Decreased Motivation

Opioid Epidemic Plagues Workmans' Comp

Bill Aims to Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicare Participants

New Treatment for Pregnant Drug Addicts

Prescription for addiction: State probe finds poor oversight fuels 'epidemic' demand for heroin, painkillers

Little Evidence ADHD Drugs Improve Students’ Grades

Suicidal Teens Turn to Social Media, Not Hotlines & Support Groups

Pushing a health-first approach to marijuana policy

Waiting to Hit the Elusive 'Rock Bottom'

70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication

Tighter security coming for prescription database

Marijuana Crops in California Threaten Forests and Wildlife

Leadership Education and a New Approach to Positive Youth Development

The Unlikely Force Driving Teen Prescription Drug Addiction: Parents?

Moms and Docs: Partnering to Promote a Compassionate Health Care Response to Drug Use and Addiction

The CRAFT Approach: Encouraging Healthy, Constructive, Positive Changes for Your Family

Urban Outfitters halts prescription-themed products

Teens Getting Prescription Drugs Online

Teens Have Unsupervised Access to Prescription Drugs

Mayo Clinic: Teens with chronic pain should not use medical marijuana

Attorney: Prescription drug database unconstitutional

Walgreens Issues Statement Concerning DEA Agreement

DEA Settles Walgreens Painkiller Case for $80M

Colleges Tighten Rules on ADHD Drug

Does marijuana work as medicine?

Study Suggests College Marijuana Use Linked With Academic Problems

Waiting for an addict to hit bottom is a death sentence

Dirty Little Secret in the Suburbs

Drug abuse prevention advocates fear marijuana legalization

Pharmacists, Doctors Ignore Prescription Drug Database

Kentucky Meets the Gold Standard for Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

43 Attorneys General Urge FDA to Place Warning Labels About NAS on Opiates

A Simple Way to Reduce Suicides

Pasco County wins victory in first test of spice ordinance

Inhaling Alcohol: Dangerous Trend, Expert Says

How OxyContin's Pain Relief Built 'A World Of Hurt'

Kissimmee residents charged with duping pharmacies with forged prescriptions

CADCA to Launch New Video Series about Addressing Tobacco

Treatment for heroin addiction is available, for a price

Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. John Sharp on Addiction, the Teen Brain and Early Intervention

23 Attorneys General Urge Urban Outfitters to Pull Products Promoting Rx Drug Abuse

Myths Debunked: Underage Drinking of Alcohol at Home Leads to Real Consequences for Both Parents and Teens

Addicts turn to heroin as pain pills become scarce

Attorneys General Seek Warning Label Cautioning Pregnant Women Against Using Pain Pills

Florida Launches New Initiative on Newborns Exposed to Prescription Drugs

Manatee students, groups joining to fight teen pregnancy

Despite success, drug database faces hurdles to survive

Require Random Drug and Alcohol Tests for Doctors, Experts Advise

What is the Cinnamon Challenge?

Latest Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Yields 50% More Pills Than Previous Event

Clinton and Kelly declare war on prescription drug abuse


Prescription Drug Abuse: Top 10 Things CDC Says You Should Know

Georgia Institutes New Pain Clinic Rules to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Doctors Treating Alcoholics Should Go to Some AA Meetings

Medical Board of California Supports Bills Aimed at Prescription Drug Abuse

Father: Synthetic marijuana destroying family

U.S. Sues Novartis Again, Accusing It of Kickbacks

Taking Marijuana in a Pill May Be Better for Pain Relief Than Smoking It

White House Drug Control Plan to Focus on Criminal Justice Reforms and Treatment

National Study: Teen Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs Up 33 Percent Since 2008, Stimulants Contributing to Sustained Rx Epidemic

Hookah Smoking Poses Health Risks

Parents of Young Adults Addicted to Heroin Seek Greater Access to Health Records

Money: The Lesser-Known Relapse Trigger

Can Virtual Reality Treat Addiction?

A community-wide response to managing pain

America’s Dropout Crisis: The Unrecognized Connection To Adolescent Substance Use

FDA Bars Generic Oxycontin

Manatee sheriff's office works to stop teenage substance abuse

FL Legislature improves pain pill oversight, but bills still lacking

‘Project Sam’ in Hawaii to educate and raise awareness of marijuana issues

Pill nation: Are we too reliant on prescription meds?

Majority of Americans Say Doctors Should Have Limits on Pain Medication Prescribing

Don't let prescription-abuse bills pre-empt local ordinances

Florida's crackdown makes big dent in 'pill mills'

Groups call for halt to marketing of opioids for long-term pain

'We can stop this epidemic,' CDC boss says at Rx-drug abuse summit in Orlando

Legalized Drugs: Dumber Than You May Think

Washington State Overestimating Marijuana Tax Revenue, Adviser Says

Gangs in Manatee

Manhattan physician, medical center owner nabbed by task force

Legislators Introduce Bill to Strengthen Restrictions on Hydrocodone

Marijuana Legalization Proponents Deny Health Harms Just Like the Tobacco Industry Did

Report Finds Child Poisoning Often Results From Pills Found in Purses and on Floors  

Evidence of Harmful Effects of Alcohol Stronger Than Data on Benefits

Spring Break's Biggest Danger? Binge Drinking

FDA: Expect Delays Before Hydrocodone Combination Drugs Reclassified

Opioids drive continued increase in drug overdose deaths

Binge Drinking Costs Billions in Wisconsin, Study Finds

Recreational Marijuana Use Violates International Law

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the Hospitality Industry

Addicted to Denial: The Truth About Addicts and Addiction

The Existential  Pain of Being Young, White, and Affluent

Use Database to Find Doctors Who Overprescribe Painkillers

Opioid Catastrophe: The Data Leads to Doctors

Ten Popular Myths About Drugs, Addiction, and Recovery

New Mexico Considers Banning Alcohol Purchases for Many Convicted Drunk Drivers

Nevada Bill Would Let Doctors, Drug Makers be Sued for Prescription Drug Addiction

Florida Doctor takes pill mill allegations to UN

People with Mental Illness Are Five Times More Likely to Be Murdered

Former DEA Heads: Nullify Colorado, Washington Marijuana Laws

5 Things Parents Do That May Encourage Teen Substance Abuse

Adderall: The Competition Drug

Doctors Disagree on Best Way to Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse

Marijuana legalization is far from inevitable

"Stuck" Treatment in Addiction

Youth Involved in AA-Related Helping Less Likely to Test Positive for Alcohol and Drugs

Crucial public health issues facing legalizing marijuana

For an exec, breaking pain pill addiction is impossible

Bullied Children Can Suffer Lasting Psychological Harm as Adults

Marijuana debate packs University of Tampa forum

Fatal drug overdoses in US increase for 11th consecutive year

Short Term Insurance Funding of Drug Treatment May Have a Negative Impact on Treatment Outcomes

Getting prescription meds right

Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition Attends DC Conference

Lawmakers press FDA for action on addictive painkillers

Picking Addiction Help

Intervention, not arrests, goal of new underage drinking patrol team

F.D.A. Panel Recommends Restrictions on Hydrocodone Products Like Vicodin

Pam Bondi offers ideas to help save Florida's drug-addicted babies

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